Types of liars in our day to day lives

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There is always a point in life whereby lies are at our fingertips. It is not because we want to, some times different situations force us to deceive. This is because you want to avoid trouble or cover up for someone you treasure.

Here are some of the different liars you meet in your day to day lives;

The Careless liar

This type of liar is known to lie all the time and never care about the sense of their lies. It is easy to tell they are lying since you know them well. If you care about them, confront them about the situation and ask them to change. If they do not change, let them go. Having a friend or companion that is always lying will lead to insecurities and lack of trust.

The Occasional liar

He or she will lie time to time and the advantage of this is that it’s not a habit. Once they figure out they lied, they confess, admit and promise to work on themselves.

The Compulsive liar

This type of liar will always respond to questions with a lie whether it is a small or big matter. But the lie makes them uncomfortable later. According to The Learning Mind, the compulsive liar has had this habit from childhood. For instance, he or she has been raised in backgrounds that lying was a must.

The White liar

This kind of liar tell lies that are harmless and often open up to some truth so that people could not mistake you are lying. White lies are used when someone wants to hide from the truth especially if it is something hurtful.


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