7 Architectural wonders inspired by nature

New advances in technology have helped builders adopt biomimetic designs, which are designs that are inspired by nature. This has helped them construct wondrous structures that are amazing to look at.

1.Beijing National Stadium-Beijing

Designed by Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron for the 2008 Olympic Games, the locals nicknamed this stadium the “Bird’s Nest” before it was even completed. The spaces between its spatial grid-like formation are filled with a translucent membrane, just as birds stuff the empty spaces in their nests with materials. 

Beijing National stadium[source-arups.com]

2.Lotus temple- New Delhi

This temple in the village of Bahapur in New Delhi is inspired by the shape of the lotus flower. The architect Fariborz Sahba conceived of 27 freestanding marble “petals” arranged in groups of three to form nine sides. According to Bahá’í scripture, all the religion’s houses of worship must include a nine-sided circular shape.

Lotus temple [source-wikipedia]

3.Helix bridge- Singapore

This footbridge stretching over Marina Bay is inspired by the double helix structure of a DNA molecule – tubular, stainless-steel struts connect the two different spirals to the bridge’s deck. Opened in 2010, the 919-foot long curved structure has five viewing platforms, giving pedestrians spectacular views of the skyline from across the waterfront.

Helix bridge [source-arup.com]

4.Aldar headquarters- Abu dhabi

This circular skyscraper was built as a tribute to the city’s maritime heritage and is inspired by the clam shell. They developed a diagrid (a diamond-shaped framework of diagonally intersecting steel ribs) to create the building’s striking curved glass skin.

Aldar headquarters [source-jilproperty.com]

5.Taipei 101-Taipei

This 101 story building once the tallest building in the world was modeled after a bamboo stalk. Its repetitive sections are symbolic. There are a total of eight segments comprised of eight floors each—a lucky number in Chinese culture.

Taipei 101 [source-Taiwannews]

6.30 St Mary Axe-London

This building better known as the Gherkin is modeled after the Venus’ flower basket sea sponge. Its surface is made from adhered layers of diamond-shaped glass arranged in a lattice design. It filters the air to reduce the need for air conditioning instead of water.

Gherkin [source-theguardian]


This quirky building features nine interconnected spheres measuring 335-feet high. It is modeled after an iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times to represent faith in scientific progress. It is home to a museum and several temporary exhibits.

Atomium [source-flickr.com]

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