Signs that you are the office ‘doormat’ and what to do about it

Being a doormat means you are very submissive and you allow people to dominate you. Just like the doormats found at home, you let people walk all over without reacting.

Office doormats always suffer from low-self esteem. This is because they might not know their worth and allow their colleagues to constantly disrespect them and get away with it because they know there will be no consequences.

How do you know you are the office doormat? Here are the signs to help you.

Colleagues stop asking if it’s okay to delegate more duties to you. At first they seek your consent but as time goes by your workmates dump their workloads on you without consulting because they know you will end up doing it anyway.

Others get credit for your ideas or effort at work. If you do an outstanding thing at work and no one notices that it was your effort, not even your boss, chances are you are a doormat. People get away with your credit because they know you will not speak up for yourself.

Learn to stand up for yourself from office bullies.
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No compensation for your extra hours/work. You work 12 hour shifts but nobody even notices and if they do, they don’t bother to pay you overtime or give you an extra day off.

You spend a lot of time doing things outside your job description. You were employed to work in procurement department but end up taking on a lot of tasks from the finance department. Your lack of backbone means people can sway you back and forth for their own benefit.

No one shows gratitude. If nobody at work ever says thank you for doing something, they just do not value your output. This means they can use you without expressing gratitude because they know you don’t have a voice for yourself.

You are not informed about sudden changes at work. If the shift/work routine changes and you are the last person to be informed or you are not even informed at all, you are most likely a doormat. Your colleagues do this because they know you will ready and willingly adapt to the new timetable.

The solution to not being walked over at work lies in commanding respect. It starts by respecting yourself. Learning to say ‘no’ goes a long way in unshackling you from intimidation at work.

Remember, it is impossible to please everyone. Do you work to the best of your ability. Set, reach and exceed work targets and go home. Refuse to be a doormat!

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