How to save your marriage after infidelity

Most couples are still in the monogamous marriage which requires the partners to be faithful to each other.

However, faithfulness is not always the case as sometimes one or both partners end up cheating. The two may decide to end the marriage or work through the infidelity.

Here are ways you can save your marriage after a case of cheating:

Apologize and acknowledge your actions: There is nothing worse than saying you cheated because of your partner’s actions. The first thing you should do is put the blame solely on you and apologize as many times as your breathing action. The act of cutting off connections with the other man or woman is also an ultimate apology.

Give your partner time: An apology is not a direct key that will open your partner’s heart and affection back to you. Cheating degrades a person and they start feeling they are not worthy. Do not pester your partner to get things back to normal but give them time emotionally to heal.

Find the root of your infidelity: One does not just wake up and stumble into cheating, there is always a reason for it. Are you no longer in love with your partner? Is there something your partner doesn’t offer that you cannot live without? If you want to reconnect you have to be honest about everything.

Work to regain lost trust: Building lost trust is hard but commitment is the key. Commit yourself to love only your partner, to be honest to them, to always be on the same team, to stay oriented despite the challenges and to keep promises. This will help you slowly regain the trust of your partner and rebuild the relationship.

Regain the emotional and physical connection: Physical connection is hard to get back especially since your partner still has it in mind that you were physical with someone who isn’t them. You will have to start by making them feel comfortable and intimate with you. Do not try to push things as both of you may end up faking it.

Seek Counseling: When you have been through all the steps above but still find it hard to forgive or connect with your partner then its time to seek outside help. Counselling will help the two of you identify the cause of your infidelity. It will help you realize why the two of you fell in love. Most importantly it will help both of you know if the relationship is worth fighting for.

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