Meet the vitiligo model changing the narrative on the skin condition

Vitiligo model Winnie Harlow has helped raise awareness on this skin condition. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]


Winnie Harlow is a Canadian fashion model with the skin condition vitiligo. Harlow has modeled for major brands such as Victoria Secret and Desigual.

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes white patches to appear on different parts of the skin. It affects one in every hundred people.

Harlow has enabled other people living with vitiligo to love themselves and embrace their differences through soaring in the modeling world. Here are some of her great looks:

This dress makes Winnie’s body look an art in a gallery room. She looks splendid and oozes confidence to everyone with the same skin condition. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]
Winnie Harlow stepping out for the evening probably a date with the girls. The short dress definitely goes well with a thigh-high boots. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]
The perfect dress for a day out at the beach when you do not want to show too much skin but do not want to look out of place too. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]
Modern Cinderella pink dress styled with stilletos looks great for events such as BET awards. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]
A feather dress never looked as good as it looks on Harlow. This is a good look for day social event as it shouts ”we came to have fun.”[Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]
Girls who work so hard also party hard. This leather romper is the sassy look for a drink and dance in the evening. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]
Its a day at the beach again and yes the ankara dress cut-out skirt and top is the perfect look for enjoying the breeze. [Source: Winnie Harlow, Instagram]