John Mbadi: Punguza Mzigo bill is a wasted effort

National Assembly minority leader John Mbadi has dismissed attempts to reduce the number of MPs through Punguza Mzigo bill as a waste of time.

According to Mbadi, the wage bill in Kenya is largely contributed by the Executive and not the Parliament.

“To reduce the wage bill we have to change the Executive since the Parliament’s budget is only Sh39.8 billion a year thus reduction of MPs will not change much,” Mbadi said.

Mbadi was speaking on Tuesday in an interview with Citizen TV house.

“I will therefore not support the Punguza Mzigo bill because I think it is a wasted effort,” said Mbadi.

According to Mbadi, what Ekuru Aukot should have done is to collaborate with the legislative arm to provide stiffer jail terms for looters.

However, Mbadi said he will support a referendum that creates a position for prime minister and two deputies.

“Kenyans need inclusivity in the government, that is why we need to create more positions,” Mbadi said.

Mbadi said Kenya is ready for a constitutional amendment either through Parliament or referendum.

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