Ekuru Aukot tells James Orengo to remove politics from Punguza Mizigo

Party leader Thirdway Alliance Ekuru Aukot has called out Siaya Senator James Orengo to point out what he dislikes in in Punguza Mizigo Bill.

According to Aukot, James Orengo is rejecting the Bill without even reading it.

“Senior counsel Orengo should know the Bill supports the fight against corruption, ward development initiatives such as water, electricity, which I’m sure he agrees with,” said Aukot.

He was speaking at the County Government offices of Nakuru County where he had gone to explain to MCAs what the Punguza Mzigo bill is about.

“The leaders dismissing this Bill should engage with issues such as overrepresentation in Parliament which citizens have constantly raised,” said Aukot.

Aukot also asked other leaders to put aside politics and read the proposed Bill without regional bias.

Ekuru also said the bill will aid in resolving the power issues between the Senate and the National Assembly.

“James Orengo and other leaders opposing this bill should actually be dancing in celebration because it is actually elevating them,” said Aukot.

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