Ugandans accused of fueling crime in Kiambu

Residents of Githunguri, Kiambu county have decried the rise in the number of ‘deadly’ workers from neighbouring Uganda who have infiltrated their dairy farms.

According to a section of the residents, these workers end up stealing from and murdering their employers in cold-blood.

The employers say they employed Ugandans because they came in cheap and are hardworking. It is alleged that a Kenyan farmhand will demand Sh500 for a day’s work while Ugandans demand only Sh250.

The workers are attracted by the expansive agricultural industry in the area with the flourishing dairy sector being their main wealth creation target.

In 2018, a senior citizen identified as James Kagunda was attacked, cut up and seriously injured by his Ugandan farmhand.

Kagunda’s family alleges that the elderly man had sold a cow and had some cash with him, a motive that saw his employee attack him and flee the area, never to be seen again.

The family narrates that on that day, Kagunda was found lying on the ground in one of the cow sheds bleeding profusely. The worker who had been with the family for two and a half months had locked his room and vanished, making him the prime suspect.

Area residents are now calling on the government to intervene and deport the workers while ensuring that aliens do not come into the country.

The residents also say that they find it hard sometimes to differentiate between Ugandans and Kenyans as some of the foreigners claim to come from western Kenya and are even in possession of Kenyan IDs.

Bernard Kamatati, one of the workers from Uganda says that Ugandans come to Kenya in search of greener pastures and he does not condone the brutal acts of some of his fellow countrymen.

He also urged Githunguri residents to be open-minded and not judge the entire group by the actions of one or two evil individuals.

The Assistant County Commissioner, Githunguri sub-county Bernard Odiro acknowledges that the foreigners are a threat to the area security but says that the authorities are on top of matters, working to ensure the menace comes to a halt.

TV47’s investigative reporter Samuel G. Wainaina toured Githunguri and compiled the full report.

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