Signs you are in a dreaded situationship

According to the Urban dictionary, a situationship is the kind of relationship that has no label or title on it. It’s like a friendship but more than a friendship but not a relationship.

There are some of you who have been hoping to be in a relationship but their ‘significant other’ just want to Netflix chill, have sex, be casual and not stay committed. If that is not your vibe, simply walk away and move on. Here are signs that show you are in a situationship.

No consistency

Anyone who is interested in you or wants to be with you will make sure they are consistent in their actions always.

This includes communication and meeting up. In a situationship, there is no consistency. There are no frequent meetups, it is more of talking on the phone.

Short term and last minutes plans

When in a relationship or seeing someone that you visualize spending time with them, you make plans in advance. In a situationship, plans are made last minute and short term.

By short term meaning the meetup does not last. You meet for a few minutes or an hour. That communicates they are not really interested in you and not a priority.

There is shallow, small and dirty talk

Someone interested in you or in a relationship, the conversations will be deep. For instance, talking about one’s insecurities, dreams, goals, and the list is endless. In a situationship, do not expect much. The conversations will be shallow and it may not be easy to know each other well.

He or she mentions that they do not want something serious

This is evidence that they do not want to commit to you especially if a man tells you this, believe it! They mean it and you should not waste that precious time with such a man. Someone who wants to be with you will make it clear they want something serious.

No conversations about the future

Most situationships focus on the present. There are no future talks, if it arises it’s avoided and excuses are created. When in a relationship it is different, future conversations arise because you see a future with them and want them to be part of their lives.

Are you a victim of a situationship?

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