Nandi Governor Sang urges Raila to support Punguza Mizigo bill

Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang has spoken out in support of Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo initiative, asking Raila Odinga to support it and push it to a referendum.

According to Sang, Punguza Mizigo is a great initiative as it promises to reduce the number of political positions, thus being a welcome relief to taxpayers.

“We welcome Punguza Mizigo initiative because the funds that were being directed to the many political positions will now be used in local development,” said Sang at a function.

Sang also told Raila that the people will not support the Building Bridges referendum if it is all about creating new political seats for retirees.

“Taxpayers want the referendum that drives more money to build roads, health, and agriculture so that their lives can improve,” said Sang.

Punguza Mizigo Bill seeks to increase the counties’ budget from 15 per cent to 35 per cent and also proposes a single 7-year-term for the president.

It champions for the reduction of the number of MPs from 416 to 147.

Other provisions include a trial of all corruption cases within 30 days and a life sentence for those convicted.

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