6 ‘small’ reasons you never get callbacks for job interviews

Have you applied for hundreds of jobs and have never been called for an interview? If the answer is yes, the solution lies in correcting a few small mistakes that might be standing in the way.

Sometimes big factors like lack of experience compared to other candidates and extremely high salary expectations come into play.

However, if you are certain that you are the perfect fit for the jobs you apply but never get called in for an interview. Look out for small errors you make.

Most people overlook the simple mistakes not knowing they could be detrimental to job applications.
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Your application is too long. Don’t beat about the bush in your application. The recruitment manager has a couple of other letters to go through. Know the most important things and tailor them for the jobs you are applying.

Your documents don’t open. Most job applications these days are undertaken online or via email. If your documents don’t open or have a weird format, you will immediately be disqualified, doesn’t matter how qualified you are.

Grammatical and spelling mistakes. Whatever you do, never ever send an application without proofreading. This small mistake is a deal-breaker for most recruitment managers. You can install software on your computer that’ll help you check on your grammar and get rid of silly errors.

Ensure there are no errors in your application.
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Unprofessional use of social media. Believe it or not, your social media speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. These days, potential employers go through an applicant’s social media profiles. You can be yourself but do not post inappropriate things on your timelines. Some brands don’t want to be associated with an individual with questionable thoughts and morals.

Generic cover letter. Make an effort with your cover letter. It explains your qualifications, skills, and interests in summary. Write one that suits the specific job you are applying for. You don’t want it to appear like you applied for 30 jobs with one cover letter.

Not following instructions. This is the fastest way of getting your application trashed. If you’re filling an application form, ensure you follow instructions carefully. Your application should not appear like it was filled out in a rush.

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