Waititu: There is no offense in employing my wife, daughter

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has hit back at those who have accused him of corruption because of employing his wife, daughter and shortlisting his son-in-law to-be for a county government job.

According to Waititu, his actions are legal as his wife and daughter are employed in his own companies which he says he has a right to run with his family.

“I don’t see any fault in employing my wife and daughter in my companies, those looking for me should come and charge me with whatever crime I may have committed,” Waititu said.

Waititu said those accusing him of corruption are only spreading propaganda as they have no evidence.

“The EACC opened a file on me and asked people to come forward with evidence of my alleged illegal activities but these people had nothing to offer,” Waititu said.

Waititu also said he is ready to face graft charges in court so that the law can take its course.

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