Manu Chandaria simple wedding a welcome relief for boychild

The simple civil wedding of billionaire Manu Chandaria to his wife has caused many male netizens to applaud low-cost weddings citing the troubles of expensive weddings.

Manu Chandaria and Aruna Chandaria had earlier had a traditional wedding but went to the Attorney’s General’s Chambers in Nairobi on Thursday to solemnize it.

Men on Twitter said they were tired of being pressured by their girlfriends to have mega weddings and friends asking them to join wedding committees.

“We are tired of people marrying with committees, excuse us, please. Copy the billionaire. He is a good example,” said Alex Kenani.

Some netizens even went ahead to thank Manu for lifting the burden off their shoulders.

“On behalf of all the boy children, may I simply say, THANK YOU Manu Chandaria for lifting the wedding yoke!!” said Barmaasai.

”Manu has redeemed boy child from wedding-related debts! Long live,” said Kabu James.

Another man said, Manu is prompting him to make changes immediately.

“I am leaving this wedding group I am in today. They have a target of Sh400 thousand,” Odhiambo Duncan said.

Maybe it is time for most to-be married couples to re-think about forming the wedding committees or taking loans in order to have exorbitant weddings.

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