The most important business skill – Kiyosaki reveals

There are essential skills for any entrepreneur including problem-solving, networking, management, leadership and innovation among others.

These skills help in growing your business and generating profits for the company. Notwithstanding, Robert Kiyosaki, founder Rich Dad LLC highlights one skill he believes is a gamechanger.

The famous Rich dad Poor dad author with a net worth of  $80 million believes that the ability to sale is the highest skill in ensuring success for an entrepreneur.

Through his blog, Kiyosaki says, “I’m not talking just about the ability to sell a product, which is very important. But I’m also talking about the ability to sell a vision, a team, yourself, and potential partners and deals.”

1)Growing the team

Kiyosaki says that every entrepreneur needs a world-class team to succeed.

He equates business and investing as a team sport.

“Any company that wants to scale and become successful needs to have the best players on the team. 

But how will you attract them? You must sell them. Sell them on the mission and vision of your company. Sell them on the product roadmap you have. Sell them on your prior success’ Kiyosaki states.

2)Getting investors

Great investors are essential for the expansion of a business.

Rich dad author states that building a successful business requires access to other people’s money.

“If you want to be a successful capitalist, you must know how to raise capital and how to use debt to make money.” He says.

The author notes that potential investors look at certain things before depositing the money. They include the project, the partners, the numbers, and the management.

Businessman Kiyosaki states, “ your ability to speak forcefully about those—and to overcome any objections—will determine your future. This is primarily a sales job.”

 3) Getting deals and partnerships

A strong team of employees, investors and partners contribute massively to the growth of a business.

“For instance, if you are building a software product, it is key that you find ways to partner with other people for marketing and selling your product, as well as building integrations so that your software can work well with other software offerings out there.” Rich dad notes

“Or if you’re in real estate development, you might need to build partnerships with owners of a construction company and with officers at a bank.”

To attract great partners, Kiyosaki says you need sales skill that stand out.

“Partners, just like your employees and investors, will be buying into your mission and vision, as much as your financials, “ he says

According to Rich Dad, the best way to learn how to sell is to do it practically.

He quotes a phrase,” Work to learn and not learn to work” as key in gaining essential sales skill.

“If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, today is the time to focus on building your sales skills. That might mean taking a job as a salesperson and working to learn. It might also mean learning how to speak publicly,” he concludes.

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