Professor mocks citizens for using drones for weddings ‘instead of agriculture’

A professor from Makerere University has criticised Ugandans for not taking full advantage of advanced technology.

According to Prof Julius Kiiza, Ugandans are wasting advanced technology on luxurious consumption instead of using it on important activities that could aid in wealth generation.

Speaking at a Uganda Bankers Association event, Prof Kiiza, who is based at Uganda’s Economic Policy Research Centre, poked fun at his countrymen for using advanced technologies like drones for weddings instead of agriculture.

Makerere University’s Prof. Julius Kiiza
[Photo Source: Sunrise Uganda]

He called on Ugandans to embrace e-farming by using artificial intelligence, data-driven interventions to make advancements in irrigation.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Uganda’s fertile agricultural land has the potential to feed 200 million people.  80 percent of Uganda’s land is arable but only 35 percent is being cultivated.

Agriculture accounted for about 21.5 percent of the nation’s GDP in 2017, and 46 percent of export earnings. In fact, 72 percent of the country’s entire working population is employed by agriculture.

The professor further laments on how important sectors are facing challenges as a result of poor technology.

“In Uganda, the meteorological department gives weather predictions out of sheer guesswork because the technological advancements are not enough,” he said.

He finished off by congratulating Kenya for making strides when it comes to investing in technology and challenged Uganda to emulate their east African counterparts.

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