Uber and Bolt prices hike due to the ongoing boycott

Online hailing taxi services Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify) have hiked their prices due to the ongoing boycott.

This has caused customers to pay almost double for a ride especially within Nairobi and its outskirts.

Uber and Bolt have attributed the high prices to a high demand for the service.

“Prices are higher than usual due to high demand,” reads a notice on Bolt’s site.

Uber drivers at a previous strike.
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The same notice is displayed on Uber’s site upon request for a ride.

Few Uber and Bolt vehicles in operation are a factor in the fare hike. Customers have to wait for longer periods than usual to get a vehicle to pick them up. On Tuesday evening, Uber displayed on their app that there were “no vehicles available.”

A quick scan on Uber and Bolt prices shows that the fares have hiked by 30 to 50 per cent.

For example, Uber is charging Sh850 to go to Ndenderu, off Limuru Road from Moi Avenue, a distance that they earlier charged Sh560. On Bolt it will cost you Sh740 to get to Ndenderu. If you use UberX it gets even more expensive as a rider will be charged Sh1440 and on Bolt XL, Sh1220.

| Screenshot: TV47 Digital |

To travel to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture(JKUAT) – Juja from Moi Avenue, it will cost you Sh1240 with Uber ChapChap and Sh1320 using Bolt.

| Screenshot: TV47 Digital |

From Moi Avenue to Kinoo 87, one will be charged Sh740 on Uber ChapChap and Sh780 using Bolt.

| Screenshot: TV47 Digital |

If you take an Uber ChapChap at Moi Avenue and head to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) you will be charged sh830. Bolt will charge you a similar amount.

| Screenshot: TV47 Digital |

Uber, Bolt and Little cab went on a go-slow on Monday to protest the low incomes they are getting from their employers. They want the portion they give to them to be reduced to 10 percent from the current 25 per cent for Uber and 15 per cent charged by Bolt. Little Cab shares only five percent with their boss, Safaricom.

The three digital-hailing companies also want the charges per kilometre to be increased to Sh45 per kilometre as suggested by the Automobile Association of Kenya (AA).

Currently, Uber charges Sh16, Bolt Sh14 and Little Cab Sh20 per kilometre.

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