Menstrual cups are a better way to manage your periods-study

A comprehensive research of menstrual cups has identified that these period accessories which are little known to many are safe and effective as tampons.

This research funded by the UK Medical Research Council also said ladies should clear any worries about the health issues related to menstrual cups as they contribute to no infection if cleanliness is maintained.

The researchers also said that menstrual cups are cheaper than pads and tampons meaning they have the capability of replacing expensive sanitary towels.

According to the authors of this research menstrual cups should be placed for four to 12 hours. Afterwards, they should be emptied, cleaned and reinserted.

Menstrual cups are made of silicone, latex or rubber and are flexible with a bell-shape, which makes it possible for ladies to insert in the vagina where it captures menstrual flow.

A menstrual cup [Source: Ebay]

In Kenya, especially in Kilifi area it has been reported that girls are engaging in prostitution in order to get enough money to buy pads.

However, with the assurance that menstrual cups are healthy, the government can supply these devices which can be reused thus saving the girls from prostitution and cost of sanitary towels.

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