Bottle containing couple’s picture thrown inside a river in suspected witchcraft

A Nigerian man identified as David Chibuouso Dennis claims to have unearthed some sort of charm/ritual, in what may appear like a script out of a Nollywood movie.

In a Facebook post, the man alleges that a bottle containing a picture of a man and a woman, presumed to be a couple, was excavated from a river bed during a cleanup exercise.

The bizarre incident took place in Nigeria’s capital Abuja where authorities were removing dirt from the river for proper flow of water.

Here is his post.

David is now looking for the couple’s contacts for unidentified reasons.

According to comments in the post, the bottle containing the couple’s picture might have been a ritual practice meant to either frustrate the couple to the point of separation or cause infertility.

Others even suggested that the couple might have done the suspected ritual by themselves as a way of protection from evil spirits.

Here are the comments:

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