Kenya’s breadwinner wives and their men

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When women start gaining confidence and rise through the ranks in businesses or career men seem to start going down.

However, how does the rise in the number of alpha females play out in marriages especially in Kenya?

With men being deemed as the providers, a woman who comes into a marriage earning more than her husband has been known to shake the union.

Most of the time, husbands whose wives earn more than them or hold powerful positions begin to feel insecure, perhaps worrying about the perception of the society towards them.

Wives, on the other hand, have been accused of being disrespectful to their husbands who earn less.

In Kenya, there are alpha females who hold political seats or run successful businesses who have managed to sustain a happy marriage, others have had to go through failed marriages.

Former Nairobi Women Rep. Rachel Shebesh and her husband Frank Ambundo Shebesh have been the subject of numerous controversies.

Rachel Shebesh and her husband Frank Shebesh
Source: Ghafla

Shebesh, however, termed her husband as God-sent and a guardian angel, further adding that he is very understanding and supportive to her and their three sons.

One of Kenya’s most powerful women in politics, Amina Mohamed married her husband Khalid Ahmed in 2002. The 57-year-old has been quoted saying that she credits her success to her industrialist, media-shy husband.

Amb. Amina Mohamed and her husband Khalid Ahmed.

Kerochee Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja is married to the company’s chairman and co-founder, Joseph Karanja. Together, they have four children. Mrs. Karanja asserts that family comes first adding that she has garnered her success because of her husband’s support.

“As an African woman, being supported by your husband is a special thing,” she said.

Tabitha Karanja and her husband Joseph Karanja.
Source: Classic 105

On the flip side, there are other women in the spotlight, holding celebrity or powerful positions who have had to divorce their husbands.

TV anchor Jackie Maribe’s fiancee Jowie earned the woman-eater title for largely depending on Jackie for upkeep.

Journalist Jackie Maribe and fiancee Jowie Irungu. PHOTO: NEWS DAY, TWITTER

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro was tipped to become the most popular and wealthiest female musician in Kenya. Things went south when it was revealed that her husband, Pastor Eric Omba was cheating on her.

After the divorce, she revealed that Eric in the course of their marriage had turned into a control freak and wanted to dictate everything about her career going as far as misappropriating funds from her music career.

Gospel musician and her ex-husband Pastor Eric Omba
Source: Mpasho

Popular TV girls Lilian Muli and Anne Kiguta have also had their own share of separation. Lilian Muli filed for divorce from Moses Kanene citing temper and infidelity as the reason. She accused Kanene of neglecting their marital home and cheating on her with multiple women.

Lilian Muli and her ex-husband Moses Kanene on their wedding day.
Source: Hivi Sasa

Anne Kiguta although not married, separated from the father of her daughter, whom she revealed had taken to abusing her.

Kirinyanga Governor Anne Waiganjo divorced her first husband Tony Waiguru. It is alleged that her long working hours was the main reason why the marriage broke.

It is clear that women in powerful positions are spoilt for choice. From the powerful women who have managed to stay married, one thing stands out, having a supportive and understanding husband will go a long way in sustaining the marriage.

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