Accused in lawyer Kimani’s case fires female attorney, says he wants ‘competent man’

A man accused in the murder of lawyer Willie Kimani surprised the court on Tuesday when he demanded to have a male lawyer.

The man, who was being represented by a female lawyer, told the court that he wanted a male lawyer who is competent like Sam Nyaberi, a lawyer representing his co-accused.

“I am not comfortable with services offered by Kinyori as I prefer male services,”‘ said the accused.

The female lawyer who was representing him, Nelius Kinyori cited the unconstitutionality of the request but did not object to his application.

“The accused deserves to have a lawyer of his choice but I have to say that I have given the best shot at this case,” said Kinyori.

Kinyori also said she was not sure what the real reason for the accused’s request was as they had been working well together and he had never raised any issues.

According to Kinyori, the request for a new lawyer by the accused will most likely delay the case especially if the new lawyer asks the court to restart the case.

Kinyori was a probono lawyer, provided by the state free of charge, and the next lawyer will also be state-provided.

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