4 features that help women identify immature men

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Women have been talking about how they are lacking potential ”grown-up” men to marry and start families with.

According to these women, majority of modern men lack certain features which mature men who are ready to take care of families.

One woman, Veronicah from Juja, said men do not want to be providers and are depending on the money women make for survival.

“Some of these men will eat your food, stay at your place and not provide even a single cent while expecting you perform wifely duties,” said Veronicah.

Here are some of the characteristics that a good number of women have identified as being evident in men who refuse to grow up:

No permanent residence or living with parents: Living with your parents is a major no-no for women as they automatically call you an irresponsible joker. Some of these men with no residential places usually want to live with a woman and not pay a single bill. These men will also take you to their friend’s house while lying that it is their place but as always women find out and leave them. A man aged between 25-30 years should have their own place because if they are living with their parents it’s a sign they will not marry you anytime soon.

Playing videogames: Video games are for children and teenagers not grown men who have bills to pay and children to take care of. Think of a man who spends the whole weekend playing videogames in the name of ”unwinding” while other men are making investments in their side hustle. A girl will be fascinated by your love for video games but a woman ready to start a family will leave you for lack of seriousness.

Excessive drinking or clubbing: There are men who drink not only every weekend but also every day after work like it is the end of the world. These men have no private time to spare with a woman as all they want is to club and drink. Such a man is no-go for women as ladies feel they will not have family time and will waste savings on alcohol. These men are also an embarrassment as they will post pictures drinking every weekend like it is something to be proud of.

Weird dress codes: No woman likes a sloppy dressing code on a man as the clothes are the first thing a person uses to judge you. A man who dresses in baggy shirts and saggy clothes together with those huge shoes called timberlands is a putting off women. Worse, there are men who will come to family functions in vests, making the woman a laughing stock. Such men refuse to dress their age, meaning they highly likely not to act their age.

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