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Why your urine is bright yellow

Urine is known to flow from the kidneys through the ureters. There are different colors of urine which include dark brown, yellow to deep amber.

The coloring of the urine is caused by a pigment called urochrome. What you eat will always trigger the color of the urine. According to Health Line the amount of water you drink will influence the urine color which could be pale yellow or dark amber.

Individuals that stay hydrated produce diluted urine compared to those that do not drink water. If your urine color is brown, red, blue or green, seek medical attention.

Here are some of the causes of urine color change.


Some of the medicines our doctors prescribe lead to urine color change and bad odor. Examples of these medications include antibiotics, laxatives and certain chemotherapy drugs which are used to treat cancer. A drug known as Pyridium which is to treat urinary tract infection is said to turn the urine to orange.


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If you do not drink enough water during pregnancy there are high chances of the urine changing color to dark brown. But it has not been made clear yet because a lot could cause urine change in a pregnant woman’s body. Seek medical attention to know the problem and to ensure the unborn baby is safe.

Medical conditions

When there is urine change that means some organs are not functioning well. Those organs include the kidney, liver or bladder. Once your urine has a bad odor and appears cloudy, burning sensation when urinating, fever, that indicates the bladder or kidney is infected.

When it comes to treating urine color change, the doctor will recommend what to do after knowing the main cause.

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