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Watch out for this matatu marked for working with thugs to rob passengers

Passengers plying Thika Road who have been victims of matatu pickpockets have issued a travel alert for matatu number plate KAM 430V which has been marked notorious for robberies.

The victims have shared a similar narrative of how the robbers masquerading as passengers including the driver and conductor steal from them before dropping them off at a different destination.

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Victims reveal that the characters in the matatu are usually four. A driver, conductor, two male and two females.

The narrative goes that when a passenger boards the matatu, the front door in the matatu stops working and can not close two minutes later. The conductor and one person seated at the front helps to close the door whereas the driver complains about safety.

The two ladies then start screaming for fear and in the confusion, the front seat guy pickpockets your phone. The conductor will then later say that he has seen something fall from the matatu. It is at this time you check your phone if was is in the pocket and realize that it is gone.

According to one victim the matatu was labeled Chania Sacco. Other victims have testified that the matatu goes different routes at different times including Ngong road and Mombasa road.

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The victims also want the matatu owners arrested.

The editor of this story is a victim of a similar incidence but on Waiyaki Way. He boarded a matatu at Lions, Westlands. On reaching the Sarit turn, he was told something has dropped. He alighted to go and look for his phone not knowing he was already robbed. He tracked down the phone to the person who bought it two months later with the help of DCI.

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