Things to discuss before getting engaged

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It’s every couple’s dream to take their relationship to the engagement level. Women get excited when the new piece of jewelry has been placed on them because it shows they will be wives to the men of their dreams.

Engagement is one of the stages of marriage and before reaching there, there are things to consider before engaging your partner. They include.


This is an important thing to discuss because you may want to have a family of your own. Get to discuss with your partner how many children you would want, if you are both infertile, which school would you want them to study in, what will be the discipline style be and how to maintain your relationship when the children come on board.


As a couple, you need to have open conversations on intimacy because you will be married and you need to find ways on how to spice things. Take time to learn your partner’s desires and fantasies then try them out. This will make you more comfortable, cultivate trust and you will be able to keep your intimacy thriving.

Solving conflicts

There will be arguments in the relationship/marriage, which is normal. Get to discuss with your partner on how to fight and approach conflicts because it can break the marriage or make you stronger than you both were. It’s a matter of communicating effectively and avoid carrying grudges when you do wrong to each other.


This is a sensitive topic to talk about because it can bring about hatred, embarrassment, and judgment especially if the lady earns more than the man. As a couple, you need to set time to discuss financial issues so as to avoid overspending, creating unnecessary tension and focus on how to build it.

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