Kenyans defend lady seen putting many condoms in her handbag in a toilet

Few days after radio personality Alex Mwakideu criticized a lady for taking so many condoms from the toilet, Kenyans on social media have come to the defense of the woman.

Tonny Bittange said the lady did nothing wrong because sometimes it becomes so hard to buy a condom when you get to a shop and find people there, yet you need it at that time.

@ Tonny Bittange Remember watu ni waoga ikifikia pande ya condom remember one can go to a shop and buys something totally different from what took him/her there, so mtu akipatana nazo anabeba zote.

Doris Mwendwa said she sees nothing wrong in someone picking condoms to protect herself because it shows she cares about her life and other people lives.

Photo source: Winnie Amata

Mwai Kadu said it is something so many people do because they are shy of buying condoms.

@ Mwai Kadu Huyo dame anajua struggle ya kununua condom.

Phostine Queen, on the other hand, said the video can be a source of a blessing to her because she can easily land an advertising job that will change her life.

@Phostine Queen I am sorry my sister…maybe utaweza kututangazia condoms with this video…you never know…publicity is good…iwe mbaya iwe mzuri…hivi ndo watu hutoka Kenya hii.

Savannah Winze blamed it on the person who shot the video and spread it, terming it as an infringement on someone’s right to privacy.

@ Winze Na aliyeshika hiyo video alikua wapi? Choo ni ya privacy jamani

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