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Why Waiguru’s first marriage to Tony failed


Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi on Saturday tied the knot with her now husband, Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, in a star-studded ceremony.

Unknown to many, this is the county boss’ second marriage as she divorced her first husband, Tony Waiguru Njuguna.

Anne Mumbi and Tony Waiguru are said to have first set eyes on one other at the Nairobi Lighthouse Church in the 1990s.

Sources close to the then-couple assert that Tony loved his then-wife deeply and was proud to have her by his side.

Together, Tony and Anne sired three boys, Ian, Don and Wabu and lived in the posh neighbourhood of Runda.

Anne Waiguru’s sons.

Sources reveal that Mr Waiguru came from a wealthy but staunch Christian family and studied law in India.

It is alleged that cracks started emerging in their solid marriage when Ms Waiguru started climbing the ranks, career-wise.

2003-2004 was when their marriage was most tested. This is the same time Waiguru was working for strategist David Ndii at the Kenya Leadership Institute.

Those close to her confirm reports that she was devoted and dedicated to her work, an issue that caused strains in her relationship with her husband.

She would wake up early in the morning and keep late nights. Matters took a turn for the worse when she moved jobs to World Bank. It was at this point that the marriage completely broke, leading to a divorce.

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Mr Waiguru moved out of their Runda home and pitched camp at his twin brother’s house in Ngumo as Anne got sole custody of their children.

At first, there was some level of bitterness and the two were alleged to not be in talking terms.

However, when she climbed the ranks to become one of the most powerful women in government, Devolution CS, they met and sorted out their issues.

They are now in good terms and working together to co-parent their three sons. Anne even bought her ex-husband a BMW X5 and a lavish home in Kiambu.

Anne Mumbi’s new husband, Waiganjo, also has three children with his ex-wife Lorna Seneiya, a journalist and publishing consultant based in Nairobi.

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