Forget fancy cars, couple rides to their wedding in ox and donkey cart

The people of Kirinyaga were treated to their Governor Anne Waiguru’s wedding to lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo on Saturday, July 13.

There is a mother wedding however that might have stolen the spotlight from Waiguru’s wedding. It belonged to a man identified as Boniface and his bride, Mary,

The two lovebirds opted to use animals as their means of transportation to the wedding venue. Not just any animal, they chose an ox and donkeys.

The groom, while accompanied by bodyguards who were dressed in black suits, pink shirt, and white tie, sat comfortably atop a cart pulled by an ox.

His bride, dressed in a pristine white gown, rode on a cart pulled by donkeys, accompanied by her best maid.

The ox that carried the groom to the wedding venue.
[Source/ Snapshot/Thika Town Today, Facebook]

What stood out is the fact that the donkeys were decorated with balloons and flowers, exactly how one would decorate a wedding vehicle.

The animal entourage brought the busy town to a standstill as onlookers lined up to take photos of the unique wedding. Bystanders stood, fascinated by the sheer simplicity and creativity of the bride and groom.

When asked about the choice of transport, the groom said he did not want to spend a large sum on the wedding.

“I tried talking to a few car owners to lend me their car for my big day but they all demanded too much money,” said Bonface.

He further asserted that he did not want to fall into debt after the wedding, explaining his choice of transportation.

The bride couldn’t contain her joy of finally walking down the aisle and marrying her prince charming. “I am so happy. I thank God for this lovely occasion. This is a day I will remember for the rest of my life” she said.

A study carried out by Samantha Bridals in 2018 shows an average wedding in Kenya costs Sh3.5 million.

Kenyans are coughing up large sums of money on lavish weddings with items like catering, car hire, venue and decor choking up the largest part of the budget.

The study also says the amount spent on average weddings is set to go up as the economy becomes harsher.

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