High consumption of fruit juice could increase your chances of getting cancer

A study done by researchers from Sorbonne University in Paris and the French Public Health Agency has concluded that consuming 100ml of pure fruit juice whether freshly squeezed or bottled increases your chances of developing cancer by 12 percent.

“Of note, despite their overall healthy and natural image in the general population… 100 percent fruit juices generally contain high levels of simple sugar – 10.3 g/100 mL in this study, sometimes higher than regular soda,”  the study, which was published in the British Medical Journal read.

Fruit juices also contain high amount of sugars.
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The study tracked 101,257 people aged 42 were followed up for an average of five years.

Per every 1,000 participants, 22 people developed some form of cancer.

‘The population continues to be conned into thinking that “natural” automatically equates to “healthier” which is simply not the case,” a professor from Flinders University in Australia, Nikolai Petrovsky said.  

Previous researches that have been done show that sugary drinks contribute fat around the body, which can lead to the growth of tumours.

Sugary drinks have also been associated with high glycaemic levels.

However, other researchers have suggested that more research needs to be done to further ascertain the study.

“We recommend not drinking sugary drinks to reduce your risk of weight gain and therefore cancer. Instead, rely on water to quench your thirst,”  Susannah Brown of the World Cancer Research Fund, said.

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