Exciting weekend activities for the family

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Weekends are the best time to spend time and hang out with family but nowadays it has become a challenge. This is because we are living in a generation when technology has taken over, people are busy and find it difficult to make time for the family.

It is important to spend time with family because you get to share with them the ups, downs and make memories.

The weekend is here and if you are wondering what to do with your family. Here are some exciting things you can do.

Movie Night

Movie nights are very interesting. This is because you get to watch it together and learn different moral lessons. Ensure to choose a movie that will be fun and engaging or you can ask the family members to vote for what they would want to watch. This can be done after dinner at your home or the theaters.


This is one of the most fun things a family can plan to do. This is because you are far from home and experiencing outdoor nature. To make sure it’is fun, select the right place, food is well restocked and there are interesting activities to be done. The activities could be fishing, hiking, cooking, cycling, games, and the list is endless.


Family picnics are best when in hot weather and it should be in your family’s to-do list. For a picnic, you can choose to go to a park or a place whereby the environment allows you to have one. There are types of picnics which include; pack your own(this is whereby you carry food prepared by from home). Supermarket quick stop (this is the quick stop at the supermarket for shopping since you did not get time to cook)backyard grilling(a picnic done at the backyard).

Family meal night/lunch

This can be lunch or dinner. Eating together as a family is fun but first try and engage everyone in preparing the meal. It will make the children see the importance of teamwork and encourage them to cook for themselves too.

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