Your waist trainer could be leading you to an early grave

The process of waist training can be defined as wearing a specific type of corset around the waist and tummy area for a period of time during the day.

Waist trainers are gaining traction among ladies as they are thought to reduce natural waist size and accentuate curves.

X-ray showing a woman with a waist trainer.
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They are basically glorified modern corsets which aim to make your body take the form of an hourglass.

From Kim Kardashian to Vera Sidika, many celebrities swear by it. However, there are some health complications caused by waist trainers which could end up being fatal.

  1. Wearing a waist trainer for a long period of time will limit the flow of blood and oxygen to your vital organs, leading to dizzy spells and difficulty in breathing.

2. It can harm your organs, misplace them and cause permanent damage that could lead to serious complications.

3. A waist trainer heats up the temperature around your core and causes excessive sweating. This means you are losing water in your body, putting you at risk of dehydration if you don’t consume enough fluid.

4. Because the waist trainer is pressing your chest area, you are more likely to increase your chances of heartburn and indigestion. This means that acid reflux could recur, leading to the erosion of your esophagus walls.

Truth is, waist trainers, don’t give permanent results. All you’re doing is compressing your stomach and stacking the fat elsewhere.

The only way to achieve a great body physique is by eating healthy and dedicating your time to exercises.

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