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10 weird-looking fish caught by fisherman

A fisherman from Russia has been sharing photos of grotesque and fascinating fish finds much to the horror of the internet.

The strange alien-looking fish have taken the internet by storm, with sections claiming the supernatural looking fish are in fact underwater demons.

The fish were found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Barents and Norwegian seas.

  1. Stoplight loosejaw fish
[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

It is related to the viperfish. It is so-named for the red and green luminescent organs under its eyes, which it uses like headlights to find prey in the darkness of the deep ocean. Its oversized lower jaw hinges out from its head to a quarter of its body length, and can snap shut like a trap.

2. Viperfish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

This deep-sea horror, apparently a viperfish, is among the collection of marine freaks. Viperfish, whose serpent-like body measures one to two feet in length (30-60cm), use a luminescent lure to attract prey up to their own size, which they spear with their needle-like teeth before swallowing whole.

3. Frilled shark

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

The species has been called a ‘living fossil’ since it shows features of primitive fossil sharks. Its mouth is positioned at the front of its head, rather than underneath like most sharks. Its slender, eel-like body can grow to six feet (2m) long.

4. Wolffish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

A wolffish, a species that lives on the continental shelf to depths of 2,000 feet (600m), where they eat shellfish that they crush with their strong canine and molar teeth.

 5. Black scabbardfish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

The species is named for its dark steely blue colour and long, slender body. This fast-swimming predator can grow more than 3 feet (1m) in length, and lives in very deep water from 600 to 5,600 feet (180m to 170m).

6. Alien fish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

This weird, unidentified fish bears a disturbing likeness to the monster from the 1979 sci-fi horror film Alien.

7. Blobfish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

An unidentified fish, possibly a blobfish. They are related to toadfish, live in very deep water, where they hunt by ambush. Their metabolism is very slow, which gives them a lifespan of up to 130 years.

8. Pufferfish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

This toothy specimen of a puffer fish is one of many unusual sea creatures caught by the Russian trawler. They puff themselves up, exposing the sines on their skin, when threatened. The four large teeth are used to crush their mollusc prey.

9. Bugfish

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

A close-up view of the unidentified bug-eyed fish caught in the trawler’s nets.

10. Remora

[Source-rfedorstov/jam press]

A remora, which attaches itself to the undersides of sharks and rays to scavenge scraps that fall from their mouths.