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Student loses eye in a game

A form three student from Igembe Secondary school has undergone a surgery that has seen one eye removed.

Mark Munene has claimed that he was hit by a belt unawares and fell to the ground when fellow students were playing a game where they hit each other with a belt.

“After having supper at about 7 pm, I met some boys who were engaging in a funny game they were playing using belts. I was caught unawares. They hit me hard and I became unconscious,” Munene told the standard.

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“My eye was bleeding profusely when l was rushed to a health centre outside the school,” he added. 

The 17-year-old boy is recuperating at Meru Level Five Hospital.

Munene says that the doctors told him that his eye would have to be removed since his lens were damaged. The medical report also indicated that he could have been hit by a blunt object.

The mother, Purity Karimi, who was working in Mombasa, says she was shocked by the news and doctor’s counsel that the eye had to be removed.

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“I was shocked when I was told that the eye had to be removed. Some reports from the school administration are misleading. There are those saying he was hit by a window, but my son says he was hit by his fellow students. We hope the truth will come out,” the mother said.

Igembe South Police Commander Henry Akong’o said that they have launched an investigation of the case. Three students who were playing the belt game have been interrogated.

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Igembe school principal termed the incident as unfortunate.