Alaine responds to Willy Paul, tells him to focus on God

Jamaican singer Alaine has finally responded to the plea by gospel musician Willy Paul to unblock him and respond to his calls.

On Instagram, Alaine told Willy Paul that they should concentrate on God as he[God] has major plans for them and a future with hope.

“Thanking him for all his blessings, despite obstacles, despite enemies, in spite of ourselves. We know HE has a plan for us to prosper us and to give us a future with hope. We know how far He’s taken us and trust Him with the future,” said Alaine on an Instagram post.

Alaine also told Willy Paul that what they have is good musical chemistry which should be put into releasing new music.

“One thing is for sure.. we have great musical chemistry…. so… what do you think 🤔…one more song?” asked Alaine. 

Willy Paul also got one of his other wishes fulfilled when Alaine finally unblocked him.

”Let’s unblock some blessings…🙋🏽‍♀️,” said Alaine

On Wednesday, Willy Paul asked Alaine to break the long silence between the two of them saying that they were good together.

Things are now looking good for Willy Paul now that Alaine has finally linked up with him again. Maybe they will give us some splendid music better than the wedding song ”I Do”.

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