Common cold virus cures a bladder cancer patient

A United Kingdom native has been totally cured from cancer of the bladder after they were given a common cold virus called CVA21.

The patient was among the 15 people who were tested in a trial by researchers from the University of Surrey, UK.

“Reduction of tumor burden and increased cancer cell death was observed in all patients and removed all trace of the disease in one patient following just one week of treatment, showing its potential effectiveness,” the lead investigator, Hardev Pandha said.

The CVA21 virus is a a naturally-occurring virus that causes the common cold.
| Source: BBC |

Coxsackievirus (CVA21), a naturally-occurring virus that causes the common cold, was introduced into the 15 patients’ bladders using a catheter.

One week later, surgery was performed on them and their tissues were examined. The researchers found that the virus had only infected cancerous cells in the bladder leaving the healthy ones intact. Urine samples from the patients also indicated that the virus had spread and attacked more cancerous cells.

In one patient, there was no trace of any cancerous cells.

“If the safety, tolerability, and efficacy data can be confirmed in larger clinical studies and trials, then it could herald a new era in the treatment for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer patients,” the chairman of Action Bladder Cancer UK, Allen Knight told BBC.

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