Fashion designer Shiyenze Khasoha accused of faking cancer

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Shiyenze Khasoha burst into the limelight recently when her sob story of having ovarian cancer broke.

She was doing a funds drive where she was encouraging netizens to buy her designs so she could offset her treatment cost.

Her campaign went viral with celebrities such as Larry Madowo, Jeff Koinange, Amina Rabar, Gilad and online and mainstream publications giving her support and sharing her story, which caught fire online.

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However, two individuals named Philip Pips and Joy Kakya, who have identified themselves as her caregivers have come out to allege that the whole thing was a fraud.

Speaking to Buzzcentral, the two claimed to have used close to Sh100,000 of their own cash to support her, including buying machines for her clothes shop to build capacity.

They claim that Shiyenze has never received any cancer treatment at MP shah hospital as she had publicized. They also claim that she has no biopsy report thus cant receive any cancer treatment.

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They say she misrepresented her cancer case to DR Vijay oncologist at MP shah claiming that she had surgery,chemotherapy and radiotherapy at Apollo hospital in India while never having set foot in the country.

They also say that Shiyenze claimed to have given Sh2 million of the raised amounts to MP Shah for treatment.

However, a check at the credit department at MP Shah revealed that she had paid only Sh50,000 to the hospital all non-cancer-related payments.

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When confronted by her caregivers about this, she apparently confessed to never having any cancer surgery and had never taken any cancer treatment.

Since she had already raised Sh2 million, the caregivers say they reported the matter to Parklands police station (OB No. 62 of 08/07/2019).

The caregivers are due to hold a press conference and have sent word to the various social media groups, warning members not to send her money. The campaign has been cancelled.

The caregivers are apparently still reeling from the fraud. Shiyenze, on the other hand, wrote a statement on her WhatsApp status and promptly switched off her phone. We got the screenshots.

Screenshots of Shiyenze’s whatsapp status.

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