Nairobi lawyer dies in suspected heart attack while driving

Popular businessman Karanja Kabage met his untimely death on Friday, July 5, 2019, at around 9.47pm.

According to police reports, Kabage was driving on the Southern Bypass in Nairobi when his vehicle veered off the wrong side of the road, slowed down, made a U-turn and hit the pavement.

A taxi driver and a good Samaritan took him to the hospital. Kabage was unconscious when they arrived. The doctors tried to resuscitate him but they shortly declared dead.

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Sources reveal that Kabage was driving slowly because he felt pain on his chest and had tried to pull over to the side of the road. Postmortem report has not yet been released but doctors presume he was having a heart attack.

Lifestyle choices have been known to cause heart attack and in developing countries it contributes to 70% of modern day deaths.

This high statistics is a call for everyone to raise awareness on how to eat healthy and reduce the number of deaths caused by lifestyle diseases.

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Mt Kenya University (MKU) has taken the lead to raise awareness. On Saturday morning, MKU held a symposium dubbed ‘Cutting Edge Management of Lifestyle Diseases-Obesity’.

Speakers from Africa and beyond educated Kenyans on the link between obesity and how to manage it.

According to doctors at the event, 35% of Kenyans are already obese with 40% of those being women.

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There is also a direct link between obesity and cancer as studies show it is linked to 13 types of cancer.

These types of cancers include cardiac heart tumors, gallbladder cancer, and liver cancer.

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