Bob Collymore’s Uhuru whisky gift revealed

During Bob Collymore’s memorial, President Uhuru Kenyatta jokingly accused Peter Kenneth and members of the ‘boys club’ of taking something that was reserved for him by the late Safaricom boss, leaving the attendees in stitches.

During the JKL TV show on Wednesday when members of the boys club were hosted by Jeff Koinange, it was revealed that they had, in fact, drank a whisky that had been reserved for a special friend. We can confirm that the special friend in question was President Kenyatta.

Scangroup CEO Bharat Thakrar revealed that the whisky was Johnie Walker Director’s Blend. That brand is not for sale. It is given to important and esteemed people in the world.

They are a collection of six different single malts that were produced by Diageo between 2008 and 2013. They are grouped in flavours as follows; 2008 – Grain, 2009 – Smoke (Highland and Island), 2010 – Speyside Fruit, 2011 – Oak (American and European), 2012 – Fresh Malts, 2013 – Aged malts.

Only 500 bottles per year were produced, meaning there are about 3,000 bottles ever produced. You can only buy them in an auction.

Johnie Walker Director’s blend collection. []

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