Peter Kenneth on Bob Collymore’s last words one day to his death

Former Gatanga Member of Parliament, Peter Kenneth revealed what Bob Collymore told his closest friends ‘Boys Club’ one day before he died.

While eulogizing Collymore at All Saints Cathedral on Thursday, Kenneth said that the ‘Boys Club’ met with Bob on Saturday 29 June 2019 and he told them that they should cremate his body when he dies.

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“When we met on Saturday, Bob told us that we should cremate his body and the person who was given the responsibility to oversee the cremation was one of the ‘boys’, Bharat Thakrar,” said Kenneth.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, during their weekly meetings, he told them that, he was at his best and ready to move to the next life, something Kenneth said that the group of close friends didn’t believe.

During that moment of revelation, Collymore urged them to remain strong because his departure was meant to be celebrated and not grieved.

Kenneth told the mourners that Collymore got them a very big whisky he had reserved for special guests for many years and he insisted that they all share the whisky.

The former Gatanga MP said that Collymore also urged them to be there for his wife Clare Wambui Kamiru after his death the way they have been there for him.

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