Four things you should not do after a break-up

Breakups are one of the most painful things to face in life despite them being normal. They happen due to cheating, lies, lack of trust, no more chemistry, infidelity… the list is endless.

The advantage of a breakup is, it leaves a lesson behind. It’s a matter of learning from the mistake, accepting it never worked out, move on with grace, class, and sass.

These are the four things you should never do after a break up.

Break up sex

This is for the ladies specifically because during sex there is a hormone produced called oxytocin which is also known as the cuddle hormone. It increases the level of empathy and puts you at risk of falling in love again. Learn to think with your brain first, don’t use the heart.

Talk negatively about your ex to family and friends

If your ex-lover had met your clan and friends, expect to be asked about him/her. Avoid speaking negatively about them. Simply, tell them it never worked or be smart enough to avoid that conversation. Speaking negatively about them will not make you more mature. Remember that you have to move on with grace and class. Destroy that bitterness.

Rushing to be with someone else

There are times you will feel lonely and desperate to have someone to be with you. Don’t play a rebound and drag someone else with your baggage. It will not be fair for both of you. Avoid rushing to be with someone else and focus on healing, your happiness, and goals.

Abusing drugs and alcohol

Avoid running to alcohol and drugs because it may become an addiction that will be hard to quit. Alcohol and drugs are depressants. Drink and have fun in a controlled manner. Don’t go to the extent of abusing these substances that you lose character. Take heart and wait for the right person.

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