Signs Bob Collymore had cancer before being diagnosed

Bob Collymore, who until his death on Monday morning experienced the following signs before he was diagnosed with cancer.

He revealed that he had the first symptoms when he was Morocco.

The Safaricom CEO said that he had some kind of fluid in his chin which occur mostly when someone hits an object.

He added that his body was feeling tired and the body temperatures rose too high.
The high temperatures which lasted for 24 hours, made him shiver as if he was feeling some cold.

When he told the wife about what he was experiencing, she attributed the shaking to the signs of having Malaria.

Collymore said he visited a doctor in Nairobi who told him that he had Vitamin D deficiency.

He proceeded to another doctor after doubting the diagnosis, the second doctor carried out thirty blood tests which later revealed he had cancer of the blood.

He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and he started medication immediately.

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