5 painful lessons people learn once loved ones have died

Death is probably the darkest event of life. Losing a loved one through death certainly causes major heartache and one never really moves on from it.

Despite that, there are lessons to be learned and practised by the living in each passing day.

  1. Do not take for granted what you have

Most of the times, people focus on what they do not have and what they could accomplish. A lot of attention and energy is put on chasing what they do not have. However, when death knocks at the door, the realization comes that life is most important of all commodities.

Be grateful for your family, your job, the fact that you can eat, walk and sleep well. However little you have, be grateful.

2. Make every moment count

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Make every moment in your life count.

Be there when your family or friends need you and give your all. Remember to rejoice with those celebrating milestones in life, be it birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, etc.

Mourn with those who are mourning as well. A certain quote says, live your today as if there is no tomorrow.

3. Be true to yourself

You only have one chance to live. Live your life. Do not compare yourself with others.

With the one life, you have dream big, pursue relentlessly until you achieve your goals. Stay true to your passions, gifts, talents, and service to others. The world needs it more than you.

4 Be prepared

Granted, one can never be prepared for death for you never know when it hits. However, you can start putting your life in order by ensuring security for your loved ones when you are gone.

If you are a parent with kids, invest in their future now. Teach your kids values and traits they can live by long after you are gone. Teach them life skills and knowledge of life. Invest and insure them so that they are taken care of even in your absence.

5. Love big and laugh hard

If there is one thing one can give freely, is to love big. Forgive easily,  heal quick, release grudges all the time. Let your heart be full of room to love others and null space for hatred or grudges. The other thing is to laugh hard. Laugh whenever you can. Cherish every moment. It is not only medicine to your heart but also good for your bones.

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