High Court judge calls for decriminalization of teenage sex

A High Court judge now wants teenage sex to be decriminalized as she terms it a misbehavior by children.

Justice Jessie Lessit said what the teenagers need is counselling and sex education rather that imprisonment.

Lessit said this during the interview for recruitment of Court of Appeal judges in front of eleven Judicial Service Commission (JSC) members.

“Sex between teenagers is just a case of children behaving badly especially if the adolescents have an age difference of two years. In this scenario we cannot talk about consent,” said Lessit.

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According to Lessit, in a teenage pregnancy case, the boy is the one who suffers the most as the girl walks free.

Justice Lessit is the presiding judge of the Criminal Division of the High Court and has been a judge for 16 years.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was also under fire by netizens for saying pregnant girls should be jailed alongside boys.

According to Jumwa, the sexual act between teenagers is consensual meaning that girls should also suffer the consequences of jail time.

Justice Lessit also said she was glad the Supreme Court declared mandatory death unconstitutional.

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