Tips on soothing a teething baby

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Teething is when an infant’s first teeth often called ‘baby teeth’ or ‘milk teeth’ appear by emerging through the gums.

WebMD reports that a lot of babies begin teething when they are between 4-7 months old.

With symptoms like swollen and tender gums, fussiness or crying, slightly raised temperature, lots of drool, change in eating or sleeping patterns and chewing on objects, the process can be super uncomfortable for the little ones.

Here are some tips to help you soothe a teething baby.

Put something cold in your baby’s mouth. Try something like a cold spoon, cold pacifier, clean wet washcloth or teething toys to soothe the pain.

Massage the baby’s gums. You can help provide relief by gently massaging the sore gums. Ensure you wash your hands before and massage only in circular motions.

Massaging the gums helps the baby feel better
Photo: Fab Mum NG

Wipe the drool away to prevent irritation. Wipe the excess drool from the baby’s face to keep clean and dry. Gently wipe often enough to prevent any rash or irritation. The baby does not need any more discomfort.

Ask your pediatrician about the medication to use. If you are concerned about the symptoms and the baby’s discomfort, consult with your doctor for advice on the type of medication to use to ease your toddler’s pain.

You might need to try different solutions before you find one that works for your toddler.

Remember that teething can be painful but it doesn’t usually make the baby sick. If the symptoms get extreme, consult a doctor.

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