Top doctor using his own sperms to inseminate patients fined

The operating licence of Canadian fertility doctor Bernard Barwin has been withdrawn after he was found to used his sperms to inseminate patients.

He was reported by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario disciplinary panel, which had fined him about Sh778,000.

The 80-year-old doctor had given up his medical license in 2014 after being disciplined in a similar case for artificially inseminating three women with the wrong sperm, which he had claimed to be simple errors.

Due to his revoked license, other medical regulators will be alerted in case he seeks to practise medicine.

Mr Barwin is also facing a lawsuit alleging 50-100 births with the wrong sperm and 11 cases he used his own sperms.

His ill behaviour came to light after one child born through insemination became curious about her genetic background and researched her family tree.

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