Duale: Kenya is being taken as dumping site for foreign goods

National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale has said Kenya is being taken as a dumping ground for unwanted goods from other countries.

Speaking in Parliament, on Wednesday, Duale said the rules of doing business in the country need to be amended to protect local traders.

He expressed his disappointment on how countries like Tanzania, Uganda and China treat Kenyans who are doing business in their countries.

“Today under the current regime of Tanzania, our goods cannot be sold there. Our people have been victims of the so-called counterfeit goods in the United States, China, and Uganda,” Duale said.

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According to him, Kenyans cannot trade in other countries without a business permit, which he said is not the case in Kenya.

Duale said that, as leaders, they will ensure Kenyans are protected from foreign traders so they can benefit from their businesses.

He added that other countries put high tariffs on Kenyan products to edge them out.

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