Common mistakes men make in the shower

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Showering is a daily routine in our lives but for some men, that is not a priority. It may be a drill when they are going on their first date, there is an important function in their lives or feel the need to.

We are currently in the cold season and some of the men can testify they have not been bathing. If they are planning to shower probably they go the “passport way”, which is the cleaning of the sensitive organs.

There are four common mistakes men make when bathing and they include:

Poor rinsing etiquette

A splash of water on the head or any sensitive organs is not enough to clear the soap and dirt. Always learn how to rinse your body the right way so that you wash off any residue on your body. If it needs to be rinsed twice, do it. It does not hurt. Your hygiene needs to be on check.

Rubbing your body dry

Have you ever wondered why your skin is dry, chapped and hair breakage? This is because of rubbing it dry and vigorously. When showering, treat your body gently and use soap. This will make the skin moist and easy to bathe.

Neglecting your feet

The feet is one of the most ignored body parts, but it is prone to a lot of bacteria and produce bad odour if not taken care of. Do not be afraid to accompany your woman for a pedicure and clean them during your shower.

Shaving with body wash and soap

Have you ever wondered why there are huge pimples glowing on your beards or any other body parts? This is because of mixing these products — they contain different ingredients. Avoid mixing and use it appropriately.

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