Woman claims MP Jaguar’s employee has failed to provide child support

Lucianna Lucy at her shoe shop. Source: Lucy FB

Lucianna Lucy claims the father of her two kids, who works for Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar, is a deadbeat dad who has ‘consistently refused’ to provide child support to the schoolgoing kids.

The small-scale businesswoman narrates how she has begged and tried to pursue the man to support his daughters with no success. She claims the man has the means to provide.

The man to Lucy kids and MP Jaguar. source: Lucy FB

At one time, she reported the matter to the children’s office in Limuru but the man refused to show up when summoned, she alleges.

“My message to you Simon is, Yes we had our differences, but why would you make your own blood suffer???? These kids need to be fed, wewe hukula vizuri bila kujali kama wamekula, they need to be clothed, u have never in their entire lives bought them clothing, wewe huvaa vizuri…. they need to go to school, Simon ur educated….. It pains me every time I see them suffering ukiwa na uwezo,” (sic) said Lucy.

The trouble that Lucianna claims to have experienced is not meagre. Her house gets closed every month for lack of enough rent. Her kids are sent home from school every term due to lack of school fees. She can not borrow anymore because of being blacklisted for not clearing her debts.

Lucianna Lucy. Source:Lucy FB

“I’ve done all I could to raise them up to this point but I feel like my world is crashing, I love my kids and I would do anything for them but nimefika mwisho,” narrates Lucy.

Lucy wants to expose the ‘deadbeat father’ to all media platforms due to the bitterness at heart.

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