Kenya Union of Nurses to challenge 3-year-contract employment of public servants in court

The Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) Secretary General Seth Panyako has said the union will challenge the government’s decision to employ public workers on contract basis in court.

Mr Panyako said that the government does not have the authority to implement policies without ‘public participation’ and ‘parliamentary approval’.

The Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Nurses has said that the union will challenge the PSC policy in court.
| Source: KBC English Service |

” We have not been involved and, therefore, we oppose [the plan] from the outset. Every Kenyan has a right to social protection of which pension is one of the key pillars, hence to casualise employment in Kenya is to subject Kenyans to retirement in poverty. We certainly cannot allow this,” Mr Panyako commented while in Geneva, Switzerland.

On Tuesday the Public Service Commission (PSC) chairman, Stephen Kirogo, said that starting July 1, 2019, civil servants will be employed on a three-month contract basis. The contract will only be renewed once an employee delivers.

“Once people believe they’re permanent and pensionable, there’s little motivation to perform and they become comfortable. We want to disturb that comfort so that people are retained on performance,” Mr Kirogo said.

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