CBK launches app to fight counterfeits of new notes

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The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has introduced a new mobile application to enable Kenyans master the security features of the new currency notes.

Once you sign into the app, one is instructed to touch anywhere to see the new notes and their security features.

The app features all new currency notes – Ksh50, Ksh100, Ksh200, Ksh500, and Ksh1000.

For easy navigation around the app, arrows are placed strategically on every security feature. Once you click on one arrow, the app zooms into the feature and voices out how it works. It also gives a written summary of the feature.

Source: Central Bank of Kenya App.

Some of the security features that have been listed in the app include: feeling, looking, tilting, and checking.

The ‘feel’ security feature is visually-impaired-friendly as it encourages users to touch the bar at the edge of the note, raised print of Kenya and the value to identify the note.

Source: Central Bank of Kenya App.

The ‘look’ feature instructs the app users to hold the notes against the light to see more security features. One is the watermark which contains “a perfect lion’s head, the text CBK and the value of the banknote.” The other security feature is a security thread which appears as a continuous line when held against the light.

Source: Central Bank of Kenya App.

The ’tilt’ feature requires the note handler to tilt it at an angle upon which the security thread changes colour from red to green on all banknotes.

Source: Central Bank of Kenya App.

In the ‘check’ feature, the app user is instructed to look at the note under ultra-violet light. Some areas of the notes will automatically glow.

Source: Central Bank of Kenya App.

As for now, the app only has the educative video of the new currency notes.

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