Walk Away! Don’t Ignore these common red flags in your relationship

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Every new relationship is a challenge because you are getting to know someone new so that the ideal intimate bond is created. But as time goes by, you get to learn your partner’s strengths, flaws, needs and what they expect before deciding to be committed.

Red flags come at any time of the relationship. It could be the first week, two months later or after a year when you fully know your partner.

When these red flags are ignored, chances are you and your significant other will be a downfall. If you are in a relationship, here are the four most common red flags you need to know so as to avoid wasting time with people that are not for you.

  • The relationship is one-sided

This is where the relationship has one partner making effort and investing their all while their partner is simply comfortable. It is very exhausting and draining.

Once you spot this, walk away, save your precious time/ efforts for the one that will appreciate and make you a top priority.

  • They are afraid of commitment

You have met this amazing man/woman that is very loveable, understanding, patient, funny and anything else you wished to have in your dream partner. It almost feels like you have already met ‘the one’ and out of nowhere things slow down in terms of reducing communication.

When you get to ask what happened and they say, “they are pressured or not ready for anything serious”. Simply quit. There is no need of staying with someone that can’t commit to you.

  • Their core values are different than yours

When starting a relationship and dating, one thing you need to remember is that your similarities and values are what keep the bond in check. If your values are not in sync, there is a problem and it should be talked about before it’s late. You don’t want to regret later.

  • They are not proud of your achievements

One of the reasons relationships are failing nowadays is because of jealousy and not being proud of your partner’s achievements. When your significant other is not supportive of your dreams/desires, that is a major red flag.

You deserve someone that will talk proud of you, attend those events with you and hold your hand to show how happy he/she is for you.

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